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50’s to 60’s are the sandwich generation

50's to 60's are the sandwich generationMany Australians in the 50s-60s age group are performing a juggling act of family responsibilities. On the one hand they are helping their ageing parent who is becoming increasingly dependent and on the other hand they are helping adult children who may still be financially dependent or need them as carers for the grandkids. This notion of parents’ needs pulling on one side and children’s needs on the other is referred to as the ‘sandwich years’.

Managing this tension creates a whole range of emotions from an overwhelming sense of responsibility to love, to resentment, to guilt. When your parents’ dependency and risk of safety by staying in the home becomes too great, let us help.

We will alleviate the pressure on you to care for your parent so you can focus on spending quality family time with them. You will lose the worry and stress, and gain the peace of mind your parent is receiving the right type of care and support in a socially connected environment where they can continue to do the things they’ve always enjoyed.