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Activities for aged care residents

From a young age, we are taught the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle – and it’s even more important to do so as we get older. Exercise offers a huge range of mental, physical and social benefits, all of which combine to make a real positive impact to everyday living.

At CraigCare, we are proud to offer our residents an active lifestyle program that includes an array of fitness groups, sporting events, community endeavours, outdoor & lifestyle activities, and much more. We encourage our residents to get involved in the day-to-day activities and events that interest them, helping to strengthen a sense of community and provide ample opportunities to make new friends.

So, what are the various health and social benefits associated with staying active for aged care residents? Take a look below to find out.

Happy Hour

Mental benefits

Regular exercise and activities are a fantastic way to help increase mental capacity and improve cognitive function. There’s a reason why it feels so good to take part in social groups and exercise programs, with the release of mood-boosting endorphins that help to keep the body energised and motivated. Regular exercise also helps to ward off depression and lowers the risk of developing dementia.

CraigCare residents are spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of uplifting and enjoyable activities that help to inspire feelings of joy, confidence and fulfilment every day. From meditation, dancing and relaxation groups, to regular Happy Hours, national celebrations and outdoor excursions, there are activities to suit every taste at our aged care homes.

Contact our friendly team today if you would like to view a copy of our upcoming lifestyle activities.



Garden bowlsPhysical benefits

There are a number of physical benefits that aged care residents can enjoy from a regular active lifestyle. These include:

  • Improved bone density that reduces the risk of developing fractures or osteoporosis. Women are especially prone to osteoporosis as they get older, which is why regular exercise is so important to help prevent this.
  • Disease prevention. Regular exercise helps to prevent a range of common chronic conditions, such as heart disease, arthritis and type 2 diabetes. Staying fit and healthy also helps to improve circulation and keep cholesterol levels at bay, which lowers the risk of strokes.
  • Improved balance. Good balance and posture, coupled with improved bone density and muscle strength, helps to reduce the risk of falls and resulting injury.
  • Improved healing. Regular exercise aids in conditioning the body to heal quicker and more effectively after injury or illness.



Intergenerational activities

Social benefits

With a range of group fitness and sporting activities available at CraigCare (such as golf, bowls, darts, bocce, tai chi and yoga), it’s easy for residents to meet new faces and form new connections within the community. Having a strong support network not only inspires confidence, but also helps to strengthen mental health and wellbeing.

Our dedicated lifestyle staff members get to know the likes, dislikes and hobbies of all of our residents, using this knowledge to tailor a range of lifestyle programs to suit each individual. Residents will also have the opportunity to explore new interests and activities, with a large range to choose from every month and can even include family members in their lifestyle activities should they wish.

Our lifestyle approach comprises five components of respect, relationships and communities, kindness individuality and joy, and helps to bolster healthy social interaction. Discover about our resident’s lifestyle.

With active living offering so many immediate and lasting benefits for aged care residents, there’s all the more reason to discover all the activities and groups on offer at CraigCare. To find out about upcoming events or receive more information about our lifestyle offering, please contact our team today.