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Age is no boundary on having life experiences you still desire

We are always looking for new ways to provide our residents with personally meaningful and exciting experiences. We are trialling virtual reality technology to help deliver this.

Trying VR

We asked residents the types of things they wish they could still do or new things they could try if they were physically able to. For example, some residents expressed a desire to be swimming in the ocean, as they did when they were younger. We took our residents ‘virtually’ underwater with dolphins and sea turtles swimming around them.

Here’s some of the feedback from our residents:

  • Barry (81 years) – “It was a wonderful experience. Swimming with the dolphins isn’t something I wouldn’t be able to do. I was underwater and I really enjoyed the experience.”
  • Graham (74 years) – “It’s brilliant. Very real, very awesome, very enjoyable and very good. It feels like you are underwater with all the bubbles and things.”
  • Sarah (87 years) – “Oh dear, goodness gracious! Fish everywhere. Amazing!”

With such initial success on delivering great experiences for our residents we are currently looking at opportunities to expand this service across our homes.