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Broaching the conversation to move

Broaching the conversation to move

Most of us don’t voluntarily put our hand up to move out of the family home into residential aged care. A health catalyst or a fear of safety are the main triggers to move.

It’s important to understand the mindset of your parent before you broach the idea of a move to residential aged care. Your parent is likely to be feeling a sense of loss related to moving – loss of control, choice, confidence, freedom, independence, ability, lifestyle, social connections…..a loss of who I am. Coupled with this perceived loss is a perceived sense of negative gain – in fear, vulnerability, illness, insecurity and institutionalisation. While this is the not reality at CraigCare, this is their perception prior to becoming part of a care community.

Knowing their mindset, here’s some tips on how to make the conversation go positively.

  1. Perspective take – put yourself in their shoes and reflect this back.
  2. Speak to them alone– there’s no need for a large family intervention as this can be quite confronting.
  3. Take them on the journey – Make sure they feel involved in coming to the decision.
  4. Challenge perceptions and show them the reality. Take a private tour and gather evidence to take back to your parent to show them it can be a great choice for keeping them safe, cared for and, equally important – socially connected and engaged as they have always been
  5. Suggest a trial– respite care is a great way to show your parent what aged care is really like. They can enter care on a short-term non-committal basis – from a few days to a few weeks.