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CraigCare Executive Chef delivers mouth-watering meals for residents on modified diets

No one knows the importance of food presentation and taste and is more passionate about making sure our residents continue to derive pleasure from their meals than our Executive Chef, Dean Stapleton.

CraigCare offers food molds across all our care communities for residents who are on texture modified diets because of swallowing difficulties.

The introduction of molded food has made a significant difference in the amount of food that is consumed and the level of pure enjoyment residents have at mealtimes.

“It’s that old saying ‘You eat with your eyes’. Seeing chicken, fish, sausages, steak, peas, carrot, pumpkin, broccoli as they should look on your plate makes for such an enjoyable meal”, says Executive Chef Dean Stapleton.

The most rewarding part of all is not only in the words of thanks from our residents and families, but the empty plates left after meal time and the requests for seconds.