Specialised Dementia Care

Dignified Care For Those With Memory Loss

CraigCare’s focus is on creating safe, caring, inclusive and purposeful home-like environments for those living with dementia. 

There are fun, and frequent activities planned and facilitated by specialist therapists, carers and lifestyle coordinators so you can continue to enjoy life and feel a sense of purpose and joy each day. 

Our commitment is to deliver clinical care in a holistic model that puts the individual first. 

We call this, I AM ME. Our approach strongly incorporates evidence-based practice from Montessori and Dementia Australia.

Graphic of explaining CraigCare unique approach for dementia care using their "I AM ME" framework
A CraigCare resident is holding her grandchild on dinning table.

Dementia Care Services & Programs

Our care team help families to understand more about dementia and enjoy quality time with their loved one. Here are some of the ways we help:

Dementia can cause unique challenges to pain assessment as common behaviours associated with pain may be absent or difficult to interpret. Both behaviour and pain charting help to identify if behaviours escalate due to pain and if pain relief is effective in managing behaviours. CraigCare’s specialist medical teams in each of our homes partners with you to find the right individualised management plan.

CraigCare ensures individual needs and preferences are recognised and delivered. We offer food and dining options that maintain control, choice, independence and dignity with meals, drinks and eating ability. All meals are prepared in-house using only the highest quality fresh ingredients. Our seasonal menus are created by our Executive Chef and each meal is nutritionally evaluated and endorsed by dieticians. 

At CraigCare, all aspects of living in our aged care homes – from personal care to communication, from breakfast to bedtime, from garden to dining room –support a person’s sense of self. We offer safe and well-designed physical and social environments that uphold a sense of identity and promote self-esteem among our residents.

At CraigCare we continually review staffing hours to ensure they are in line with the needs of our residents living with dementia. We also focus heavily on dementia qualifications and dementia training (internal and external) for our staff.

Why Choose CraigCare

CraigCare homes have a welcoming, home-like environment with a true sense of comfort and warmth. We are committed to upholding the freedoms, independence and privacy you want with our professional but personal care. There are so many reasons to choose CraigCare as your care provider and below are just a few:

Specialists In Dementia Care

We have registered nurses with dementia care expertise who work in a multidisciplinary and cohesive care team and receive ongoing specialist dementia training.

Safe And Secure Environment

Our homes provide a safe and fully secure environment where you will feel comfortable and at home. There are quiet zones, sensory activated spaces and outdoor areas for residents to enjoy.

Vibrant Social

Through our well-being and lifestyle programs and local community partnerships, we keep you connected to the activities that make you happy, engaged and connected.

What You Can Expect From Dementia Aged Care Homes

24/7 Registered Nurses
Expert Dementia Care
High To Low Needs Covered
GP & Allied Health Visits
Dementia Trained Staff
Support Both Day And Night
Dementia Friendly Space
Highly Secure & Safe Building
Relationship Based Care
Meals Cooked Fresh Daily
Delicious Seasonal Menu
Wellbeing Programs
Regular Social Outings & Trips
Spiritual Support Services
Outings On Our Private Buses
Gardens & Outdoor Spaces
No Set Visiting Hours
Sensory Spaces & Quiet Zones
Support For Loved Ones
Ongoing Staff Development

Our Simple 4-Step Admission Process

The transition to aged care can sometimes be a stressful time for families. We are here to help you every step of the way. Below is our simple 4-step process to being welcomed into the CraigCare family. If you have any questions about admissions into a CraigCare home, please contact our friendly Admissions team by calling 0468 718 856 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

Make An Enquiry With Our Friendly Team

Come For A Visit At One Of Our Homes

We'll Explain & Discuss Everything

Complete Your Application & Move In

Speak To A Dementia Care Expert

We’re here to help and support you in any way we can. If you want to speak to a dementia care expert, please contact our friendly Admissions team by calling 0468 718 856 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

What Others Say About CraigCare

“CraigCare’s staff are wonderful and extremely caring. I am always amazed about how much they know and understand each resident and the lengths they go to in order to make them feel like they are at home.”
“Staff are responsive, always listen, and always kept me informed of Mum’s health with a phone call and full report. I felt like I was part of her care and that was very important to me.”
An elderly lady is conversing with a caregiver who is trimming her nails.

Other Care Offered

CraigCare offers several types of care and support to a variety of residents, all with different needs and desires. We welcome those with low to high care needs and everything in between. Below are the other primary types of care we offer at CraigCare:

Permanent Care

Exceptional care and wellbeing support, a range of accommodation options, vibrant social and lifestyle programs, dedicated carers and relationship-based care.

Respite Care

Short-term care that gives peace of mind and welcome support when caring for a loved one at home.

Palliative Care

Dignified care, comfort and support with spiritual, cultural and psychosocial needs respected and fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe the symptoms of a large group of illnesses which may cause a progressive decline in a person’s functioning, including a loss of memory, social skills, intellect and usual emotional reactions. 

There are a number of different forms of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being the most common.

It is critical to consult with a doctor as early as possible. 


Your doctor will arrange a complete medical assessment which may identify a treatable condition, or it may confirm the presence of dementia. 


Many conditions have similar symptoms to dementia (e.g. infections, depression, nutritional deficiencies, urinary tract infections), so it’s important to have a correct diagnosis.

At-home dementia care support is ideal for anyone living with dementia who needs a small amount of assistance with maintaining independence and safety around the home. 


For those living with dementia who can no longer live safely and independently at home, residential aged care is the best option. 


Residential aged care peace of mind that your loved one is safe and cared for by a qualified team of professionals 24/7.

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia, many families try to continue caring for them at home for as long as possible. 

But caregiving can become increasingly difficult as many types of dementia are chronic and progressive. Talk to your loved one and their medical care team and family members to determine whether home care services or residential aged care is the best option to keep them as healthy, safe and happy as possible. 

The following signs may indicate when residential aged care is the best option: 

  • challenges with independence and activities of daily living
  • changes in behaviour such as irritability, agitation, aggression
  • delusions and hallucinations
  • wandering and falls
  • increasing physical decline (e.g. loss of mobility) and health issues 
  • depression and isolation

Dementia care is about creating safe, caring, inclusive and purposeful home-like environments for residents living with dementia. 

When delivering dementia care services, a residential aged care home absolutely must take into account a number of factors in their service delivery including medication and behaviour management, nutrition and dining services, social and lifestyle programs, environmental factors (e.g. sensory areas, quiet zones, walking paths in the garden areas) and staffing ratios, qualifications and ongoing training. 

All of our CraigCare homes take these factors into consideration when delivering dementia care for our residents. 

Make An Enquiry

If you have any questions about CraigCare, our friendly Admissions team will be happy to help. Please contact them by calling 0468 718 856 or by completing the form below to send an online message.