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I am Me logoSpecialised support for memory impairment

CraigCare’s focus is on creating safe, caring, inclusive and purposeful home like environments for those living with dementia. There are fun and frequent activities planned and facilitated by specialist therapists, carers and lifestyle coordinators so you can continue to enjoy life and feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment each day. Our commitment is to deliver clinical care in a holistic model that puts the individual first. We call this, I AM ME.

The services for residents with dementia are continually being reviewed to ensure they are delivered in accordance with CraigCare’s Dementia Model of Care, I AM ME. This dementia model is based on a holistic approach which aligns with CraigCare’s core values of Respect, Kindness, Individuality, Joy and, Relationships & Communities.

  • Individuality – respect and celebrate each individual – past, present and future person.
  • Ability – Promote current and develop potential ability for each individual.
  • Motivate – Engage in activities and events to motivate feelings of purpose and connection.
  • Memories – Trigger memories to promote inner wellbeing and sense of self.
  • Empowerment – Empower to feel in control, valued and safe emotionally and physically.

Dementia Program CraigCare

CraigCare’s I AM ME dementia program incorporates evidence-based practice from Montessori and Dementia Australia to minimise the negative impact of dementia. The program acknowledges and celebrates the individual while promoting quality of life. The result is that people living with dementia are able to make meaningful contributions to maintain some independence, control and input into their community.

CraigCare’s dementia care model comprises five domains that form the basis of our holistic approach to meet the needs of those living with dementia in our aged care homes.

Dementia Care Programs

Lifestyle / social programs

CraigCare’s lifestyle and social programs are designed to keep residents connected to their family, friends and the local community and also to expand their existing social networks to alleviate boredom and isolation and stay physically active, which benefits health outcomes.

Medication and behaviour management

Dementia causes serious and unique barriers to pain assessment and can be characterised by memory loss, personality changes and loss of other functions such as judgement, abstract thinking and language skills. Furthermore, common behaviours associated with pain may be absent or difficult to interpret. However, symptoms attributed to dementia may actually be an indication of pain. Both behaviour and pain charting help to identify if behaviours escalate due to pain and if pain relief is effective in managing behaviours.

Antipsychotics are sometimes necessary for many older adults to treat or reduce distressing behavioural symptoms. Current controversy exists over the role of antipsychotics in the management of neuropsychiatric symptoms (NPS) in persons with dementia. Although some NPS may be appropriately and safely treated with antipsychotics, a fine balance must be achieved between the benefits of these medications and adverse effects. We partner with you, your loved one and the resident’s medical team to find the right management plan for each individual.

Nutrition and dining

Receiving good nutrition and staying well hydrated improves overall health and energy levels. The goal is to ensure individual needs and preferences are recognised and delivered, and to promote options to maintain control, choice, independence and dignity with meals, drinks and eating ability.

All meals are prepared in-house by our resident CraigCare Chefs using only the highest quality fresh ingredients. Our seasonal menus are created by our Executive Chef and each meal is nutritionally evaluated and endorse by Dieticians. Find out more about CraigCare’s food and dining experience.


Quality of life is positively linked to certain building features about choice and control, community involvement, physical and cognitive support, comfort and personal care, and creating a sense of normality and authenticity.

As a social environment, all aspects of living in an aged care home – from personal care to communication, from breakfast to bedtime, from garden to dining room – can support a person’s sense of self. Well-designed physical and social environments focusing on the quality of everyday life can help people continue in relationships that uphold a sense of identity and promote self-esteem.


At CraigCare we continually review staffing hours to ensure they’re in line with acuity of dementia residents, behaviours, needs and delivery of activities of daily living care and activities to enhance lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

CraigCare also focuses on dementia qualifications and dementia training (internal and external) for our staff.

“The carers and nursing staff are very patient and Dad’s dementia is handled very well. They listen to us and cater to our needs. They are attentive and offer choice in how the service is delivered. They just genuinely care and are supportive.”

– Bess, CraigCare Plumpton Villa Glenroy

Find out more

If you would like to know more about CraigCare’s Dementia Model of Care, I AM ME, please contact our Chief Clinical Officer Ann O’Hehir on (08) 9316 7100 or email enquiries@craigcare.com.au


“CraigCare is fantastic! I attend to my patients in a few of the aged care homes and it’s the best aged care home I visit by far. The resident care is just phenomenal! My patients are looked after beautifully. And that’s not just by care staff but by everyone.

The staff are really resident-centred and committed to excellence. They are passionate about going above and beyond in every aspect of providing quality care. They will regularly look for feedback – for example ‘How did we go with that palliative care for that resident? Did we do a good enough job? How can we do it better?’ This is unheard of in other nursing places.

It’s really friendly, you can feel it when you walk in. My family actually placed my uncle at CraigCare recently. They noticed it too when they walked in. I’ve seen it from the professional side and the personal side. They look after the residents as if they were their own family.”

– Dr Natasha Aylen

“CraigCare’s floor staff are wonderful and extremely caring. I am always amazed about how much they know and understand each resident and the lengths they go to in order to make them feel like they are at home.”

– Jasmine Kouch, Podiatrist

“The staff at CraigCare Berwick are responsive, always listen, and always kept me informed of Mum’s health with a phone call and full report. I felt like I was part of her care and that was very important to me because I always cared for her… she was my responsibility.”

Fiona, daughter of Valda

Find out more about our dementia care residential communities across Melbourne (Moonee Ponds, Plumpton Villa Glenroy, Pascoe Vale, Mornington and Berwick) and Western Australia (Ascot Waters, Maylands and Albany)