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Our care communities are designed to deliver a home-like family friendly environment.

There are personal spaces for you to catch up over a coffee or a meal, and large garden areas where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a picnic lunch while the kids run around and play.

Across our communities, there are large verandahs, outdoor gardens and gazebos, sunrooms and lounge rooms.  With many overlooking our beautiful gardens so you can watch the kids play while you catch up with your family and friends.

Patrick and Barry

If you have some favourite family recipes you have always enjoyed together, bring them in and our onsite chefs will prepare these for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

We welcome families to stay for a meal or join you for wine and cheese during our Happy Hours. This is a great chance for your family to also meet some of the new friends you have made.

Family pets are also welcome to visit.

There are no set visiting hours so families and friends can drop in when they want and as often as they want.

Monica and Zara
Phyllis, Terry, Ajith, John, Zara and Marilyn


CraigCare services are developed to ensure you keep your freedom, choice, independence and peace of mind.



CraigCare offers a tailored lifestyle program to give residents plenty of opportunities to be socially active.



CraigCare keeps you socially connected with your local community.