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Fiona’s Story

At CraigCare we are proud of the care and support we provide to both our residents and their families. This is Fiona’s story.

I made a promise to my Mum I would never put her in a nursing home. I’m a registered nurse and I thought I could look after Mum at home. But the burden got too much. Mum had 5 falls in 7 weeks and I was so afraid of coming home from work and finding Mum on the floor. She had become so fragile and her fragility was more than I could deal with.

When I toured CraigCare Berwick the staff were absolutely lovely and the place was lovely, I couldn’t believe it. CraigCare is the exact opposite of what you see about aged care on television. It’s totally professional, clean, beautifully maintained and is exactly what the elderly need in terms of security and care. They take a genuine interest in the residents and they gave me peace of mind that Mum was safe and beautifully cared for. The team of geriatricians, general practitioners and dieticians and other staff all work together. Mum got better care at CraigCare than she did in hospital.

The staff are responsive, always listen, and always kept me informed of Mum’s health with a phone call and full report. I felt like I was part of her care and that was very important to me because I always cared for her…she was my responsibility.

It takes a special person to work in aged care. CraigCare staff are professional, trained and kind and their goal was to make Mum feel like she was at home for the time she was at CraigCare. They did little things like print and frame a picture of my home where Mum use to live with me and hung it in Mum’s room to remind her and keep her connected with me. Mum had a sweet tooth and the staff knew this so they always made sure she had an extra jelly or pudding. Again, I go back to the kindness of staff. They spent their own meal breaks sitting with Mum and chatting with her, reading the paper and magazines to her and doing crosswords. Mum was treated like a human, not a number. Mum was made to feel she wasn’t put somewhere, but that she was part of something. The staff became part of her family.

CraigCare Berwick eased the burden off my shoulders like you wouldn’t believe. I couldn’t fault them especially because of the staff and the hygiene standard.

If you are looking for residential aged care for you parent, you can’t go wrong with CraigCare Berwick. If the time comes for me I am going there. I am a nurse and I am critical but this place is phenomenal. They are extraordinary and I can’t praise them enough.

If you can’t live safely at home anymore, this is the next best place to be