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Good on you Gwen

Having started in 1975 as a volunteer at the Christ Church Essendon Op Shop, Gwen’s recent retirement marks the end of just under half a century of helping others in need in the local community.Good on you Gwen

Gwen grew up in England during the Second World War. Her parents sent her to Canada for safety where she was initially cared for by her Aunty, and then by local Canadians she grew to love. Reflecting on her life, Gwen realises that she learnt from a very young age that family is the most important thing of all. Gwen’s belief is that family can come in many forms – not just through blood line. Family comes from anyone that truly cares for and loves you. This could be extended family members, the local church group or volunteer group – anyone that looks after you. This is Gwen’s family.

Gwen loves her volunteer role at the Op Shop. Not only was she contributing to raising much needed funds to support her Church and charitable organisations, she also formed many strong friendships that she derived warmth and support from personally.

Gwen’s life experiences has taught her many things – one being “Don’t lose your temper because it always leads to unpleasantness.”