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Valuing Our Local Community Partners To Keep Our Residents Connected To Their Community And Lifestyle Interests, As They Have Always Been

We seek to continue the link between your social interests in the local community through forming meaningful community partners.

As part of our vision to keep our residents connected to their local community and interests, CraigCare has a dedicated Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement, Anna Eden. Anna’s sole purpose is to understand what community groups our residents are interested in and to seek to form a mutually beneficial partnership with those organisations.

You tell us what you want to remain socially connected to, and we will liaise with that community organisation to seek to continue that relationship with you.

Two elderly people standing beside a grill, both dressed in white shirts and blue gloves.
A resident is having a chat with a doctor.

How Does This Benefit Our Residents And The Local Community Organisations?

Our residents benefit from these partnerships by staying connected to their local community; remaining active and engaged in community activities they enjoy participating in; and in some instances, a sense of giving back to important community causes.

Our partner benefits range from community goodwill and being a good corporate citizen, helping school students to find community and allied health placement opportunities, through to increasing their own membership base within the local community.

Our Residents Continue With Their Interests & Hobbies

Our community partnerships help residents to follow their existing and new interests and hobbies, and instils a sense of connection to each other and to their local community. Some of the many community partnerships CraigCare has established throughout Australia are detailed below:

CraigCare welcomes Antonine College students to undertake their allied health placement in our Pascoe Vale home. This program is growing year on year. The students gain their required skills in allied health and bring to the home a sense of youth and vibrancy which our residents love.

Our residents in Perth are in their third year now of having the opportunity to work with Perth Racing gardening staff to tend to the expansive gardens and rose bushes at the racetrack in the warmer months of the year. Each week, they take a packed morning tea and spend the day gardening in the beautiful morning sunshine

Our residents in Perth are invited to attend the local primary school’s concert and events as a way of maintaining inter-generational connections. In 2023, this partnership is expanding to the classrooms whereby residents will be involved in story-telling in the library, teaching children old skills (like knitting) and CraigCare will be sponsoring a school award in English or Arts.

Perth residents have been invited to join the Poppy Ladies group which takes credit for crocheting the thousands of red poppies we see around the city for special days like Remembrance Day and other memorial days. Our residents help to generate the volumes of poppies needed for such special events while spending social time with like-minded community members.

CraigCare is approaching its second year as the community sponsor of the local bowling competition for Bedford Bowls Club. By way of giving back, Bedford Bowls members host bowling sessions in our Ascot Waters’ home monthly and residents from both Ascot and Maylands regularly attend the Club for a game or a drink.

Each year, our Ascot Waters’ home if filled with Catholic Chisolm students who undertake two days of community service with Ascot residents. This ranges from assisting with meal service, reading the newspaper with our residents, undertaking board games and puzzles together, joining in on the community walking groups held each day.

U3A is a global organisation for people over 50 who are interested in continued learning in a happy social network. Their motto is LEARN, Laugh, Live. We encourage our Perth residents to attend U3A regular meetings by contributing to their membership fee. In return, U3A hold a series of information sessions in our home for all residents welcome to join in.

CraigCare has recently supported a grant application submitted by WA Classical Music Connect Inc whereby a series of local flute and string quartet concerts for our Perth homes will be held in 2023 to celebrate Harmony Week and Youth Week. We continue to support WA Classical Music Connect in any endeavours they undertake as a way of bringing live classical music concerts to our homes.

CraigCare is currently forming a partnership with INLLEN for school student placements across all Victorian homes. This is a wonderful opportunity to show the next generation how great the aged care sector really is and the wonderful opportunity to form meaningful relationships with our older generation.

Interested In A Community Partnership?

For enquiries on how your company can partner with CraigCare, contact us today. CraigCare works with local community partners as a way to give back to the local community and also as a way to keep our residents socially connected to meaningful activities.


At CraigCare, You Choose How You Want To Spend Your Days.

Our Dedicated Lifestyle Team Are There To Support You To Pursue Your Chosen Interests

Our community partnerships are fully embedded in our monthly lifestyle programs. In addition to this, our lifestyle program is carefully designed to give residents plenty of opportunities to be socially active with old and new friends and their families.

Whether it be scenic day trips on the resident’s bus, guest speakers, meals at the local RSL, arts and hobbies, watching sports, or just having a coffee with the staff, there’s something to choose from every day. We also integrate our lifestyle program with our food events calendar to ensure there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the days with social activities and delicious foods from worldwide cultures.

Elderly couple is dancing.

What Others Say About CraigCare

“Dad’s like a new man and engaged in social activities. He’s made new friends and they play bingo together, get involved in the crafts and bus activities. CraigCare is a Godsend!”
“They have great entertainment that keeps us involved and entertained. There’s virtually something on all the time. There’s no reason why a person needs to be in the doldrums in their room. The problem is actually having a day off because there’s so much on.”
“They always seems to have fun activities happening to keep everyone busy and entertained. And if residents are not able to participate, staff seem to ensure they have some sort of lovely experience for the day, even if it is just a walk around. Residents seem happy and busy. They cater for all types of people.”
“Mum is a social being and she loves to chat. It’s the friendliness that impressed me and all the activities they have, that surprised me. Mum loves the singalongs, the live music and the footy activities. They give me confidence and peace of mind this is the right place for Mum. I would be most happy to wind up there if that’s the case.”

Interested In A Community Partnership?

For enquiries on how your company can partner with CraigCare, contact us today. CraigCare works with local community partners as a way to give back to the local community and also as a way to keep our residents socially connected to meaningful activities.