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Making Life Great

aged-care-Perth-MaylandsCraigCare MaylandsLifestyle Team makes a difference every day by going over and above the usual scope of the role, drilling down to the very core of what makes each and all of our residents unique.

With a strong focus on individuality and aligning our Lifestyle Programs to our values – Joy, Individuality, Respect, Community and Relationships, and Kindness – our Lifestyle Team embrace each and every individual, recognise, and celebrate them thereby making their experience at our home extraordinary. Residents share their unique lifestyle experiences provided by our staff with other residents in our aged care community which promotes fulfilment and self- worth.

For example, take just one resident, Wayne, to explain this. As far as Wayne’s memory takes him back, he always wanted an electric guitar. He grew up playing acoustic but always dreamed of his very own electric guitar. The team got busy successfully raising a free electric guitar for Wayne.

What did this small gesture mean? “Music is my life. I’ve got to have my music or I feel sick, something is missing in me. It felt I had won a big lotto! I was so excited.” Wayne now spends his days playing music and entertaining other residents. Wouldn’t you want this level of personal care for your Dad?

Other examples include ensuring Bob continues his acrylic painting by taking him to art classes outside of the facility, adding to our facility shopping list residents’ items of preference such as Miss Chung’s favourite shampoo, taking Mrs Allis on a private shopping trip to purchase her lingerie. These examples are everyday things we want in our own lives, no matter how old we are. Don’t you want to decide what shampoo you use, what underwear you wear? Don’t you want to stay connected to arts and hobbies you currently enjoy? Choices, freedoms, staying connected. That’s what makes a positive difference.

These unique changes for each resident are not possible without the individual approach, time and effort taken by our Lifestyle Team. Our Home is filled with residents who have strong connections and are part of a supportive community which recognises who they have been, who they are, what they can be.

The role of our Lifestyle team is not just about keeping residents busy with meaningful activities. It’s about knowing how to make a deeply personal difference to someone’s life in an aged care home. That’s their difference.