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Are you seeking high-quality and compassionate aged care services in Lalor? Look no further. At CraigCare, we provide exceptional Aged Care Lalor services, designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of our residents. Our home is an environment crafted to foster a vibrant community lifestyle in a homelike setting. Our highly skilled professional staff, modern facilities, and a comprehensive range of quality care services provide a welcoming and nurturing experience for all our residents. Choose CraigCare and discover a community where compassion meets excellence in aged care.

If you would like to speak to someone directly, whether it be because you have a question regarding fees or care, if you would like assistance with your aged care application or if you would like to book a tour at one of our homes, we’re here to help. Please contact our friendly Admissions team by calling 0468 718 856 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

High-Quality & Compassionate Aged Care in Lalor

At CraigCare, we go the extra mile to provide our residents with a home that offers comfort, support, and a vibrant lifestyle. We pride ourselves as one of the leading aged care providers in the area. Our homes in Pascoe Vale, conveniently located near Lalor, are designed with landscaped gardens, beautiful courtyards, and offer a variety of lifestyle amenities, including a dining area.

Our approach to support services includes a focus on quality meals and a variety of lifestyle activities that foster a sense of community among residents. We also offer various levels of care, from residential care to respite care, and personalized care services. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our residents and their families in every step of our service delivery.

Our team is the heart of CraigCare. Comprising skilled and experienced aged care professionals, our friendly staff members are committed to providing compassionate personal care to our residents and building meaningful relationships. They strive to meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of our residents while maintaining a nurturing and secure environment.

Experience the difference with CraigCare’s Aged Care Pascoe Vale services, where we bring our commitment to quality care closer to the Lalor community. 

Maintaining Resident Privacy and Dignity

At CraigCare, we deeply respect and uphold the privacy and dignity of our residents. We are committed to creating private spaces, maintaining confidentiality, and fostering a culture of respect among our staff members. Our residents feel valued, and their personal boundaries are respected, promoting a sense of security and belonging.

Personalised Care Plans for Each Resident

At CraigCare, we understand that every resident is unique. We provide personalized care plans that consider each individual’s health needs and lifestyle preferences. This collaborative process involves residents and their families to ensure their specific requirements are met.

Accessible Facilities for Mobility Support

Our homes are designed with accessibility in mind to support residents with mobility challenges. We have ramps, handrails, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, and other accommodations that promote independence and mobility for residents. We are committed to creating an environment that enables our residents to move freely and safely.


CraigCare Lalor provides a wide range of services, including assisted living, dementia care, convalescent care, respite care, and palliative care. We offer 24/7 nursing support, engaging social activities, and physical therapy, among others.

Residential aged care provides full-time permanent care in a home-like environment, while home care provides support services to individuals living in their own homes.

Residential care fees vary based on the specific needs and services required by the resident. We offer several payment options and our dedicated team can provide detailed information, including about aged care fees during the admission process.

Yes, the Australian government provides subsidies for eligible individuals to help cover the costs of aged care services.

At CraigCare, medication management is a critical part of our Quality of Care services. Our qualified nursing staff handles medical care and medication administration, ensuring the health and safety of each resident.

With our 24/7 on-site nursing care, we are fully equipped to handle medical emergencies. Changes in a resident’s health are promptly addressed with adjustments made to their personal care plan.

CraigCare Lalor aged care facilities offers many lifestyle activities including fitness classes, arts and crafts, music therapy, bus outings, and other social events – including visiting Hairdressing Salons, beautiful parks and sensory gardens, church services and other places of interest in our multicultural community. Our lifestyle programs are designed to stimulate both mind and body while fostering social connections in a relaxed lifestyle setting.

About Lalor

Lalor, a vibrant modern community of Melbourne, is celebrated for its cultural diversity, rich history, and tranquil gardens. This suburb is home to the iconic Lalor Park, a beautiful green space that offers a serene environment for seniors and their families. The park is a popular spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and outdoor activities, making it a perfect location for our residents to enjoy.

In addition to its natural beauty, Lalor is rich in history. The suburb was named after Peter Lalor, a leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion and later a politician. This historical significance adds a unique charm to the area, making it a fascinating place to live and explore.

Lalor VIC also boasts numerous other green spaces and recreational facilities, providing a variety of options for outdoor activities, community interaction and relaxation. The Lalor Bowling Club and the Lalor Tennis Club are popular destinations for sports enthusiasts, while the Lalor Library offers a quiet place for reading and learning.

The suburb is home to several educational institutions, including Lalor Secondary College and Peter Lalor Vocational College. These institutions contribute to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of the area, making it a lively place to reside.

Lalor Shopping Centre, a key landmark, offers a variety of shops, cafes, and services, ensuring that residents have easy access to all their daily needs. The centre is a bustling hub of activity, adding to the vibrant community lifestyle in Lalor.

Accessibility is a key feature of Lalor. The suburb is well-connected via major highways like the Metropolitan Ring Road, making it easy for residents and their families to travel to and from the area. With the Melbourne CBD just 18 kilometres away, Lalor offers the perfect balance between city convenience and suburban tranquillity.

For more information about Lalor, you can visit the official city website. Choose Lalor for quality aged care with CraigCare, where we provide a welcoming and nurturing environment for our residents.

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