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Ensuring quality of life, comfort and support for loved ones during end of life care.

Palliative care (also known as end of life care or hospice care) is about providing support, care and love for a person whose illness means that they are unlikely to recover. CraigCare aims to improve the quality of life to ensure a comfortable stay during this period.

All of CraigCare’s palliative care facilities across Melbourne and Western Australia have registered nurses with palliative care expertise. CraigCare also partner with local palliative care teams and doctors to ensure best practice in management of pain, provision of comfort and respect. Emotional, physical and social support and treatment is also provided as part of the palliative care nursing approach.

CraigCare’s palliative care approach is tailored according to individual’s needs, which means the services offered will be different for each resident’s needs and stage. CraigCare do everything in their power to ensure that all needs are met in an attempt to ensure a dignified and comfortable end of life stay. A holistic approach ensures CraigCare address areas of physical, social and spiritual wellbeing.

Melbourne Palliative Care Locations:

Western Australia Palliative Care Locations:


“Everyone is meticulous at what they do. They understand the policy and procedures and abide by them really well while making sure that the residents are cared for and are respected.”  
– Jasmine Kouch (Podiatrist for CraigCare Berwick)

“They look after the residents as if they were their own family.”
– Dr Natasha Aylen (GP for CraigCare Mornington)

It takes a special person to work in aged care. CraigCare staff are professional, trained and kind and their goal was to make Mum feel like she was at home for the time she was at CraigCare.”
–  Fiona, daughter of Valda (CraigCare Berwick)