Palliative Care

Dignified Care, Comfort And Support

Palliative care (also known as end of life care or hospice care) is about providing support, care and love for a person whose illness means that they are unlikely to recover.

CraigCare’s palliative care approach is tailored according to individual needs, which means the services offered will be different for each resident’s needs and stage. CraigCare do everything in their power to ensure that all needs are met in an attempt to ensure a dignified and comfortable end of life. A holistic approach ensures CraigCare addresses all areas of physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual well-being for your loved one.

All of CraigCare’s homes have registered nurses with palliative care expertise. CraigCare also partner with local palliative care specialist teams, doctors and other health care providers, and chaplains to ensure best practice in management of pain, provision of comfort, dignity, grace and respect. Through our partnerships we are able to tailor palliative care nursing to individual needs, circumstances and any requests to provide the best possible care at the end of life.

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What You Can Expect In Our Care

24/7 Registered Nurses
No Set Visiting Hours
Support Both Day And Night
Specialists In Palliative Care
Multidisciplinary Team On Staff
Holistic Care Plans
Personalised Specialist Care
Inclusive Planning
Family Involved With Decisions
Comfortable Environment
Focus On Family Time
Overnight Stays Possible
Spiritual Support
Needs & Wishes Respected
GP Doctors
Visiting Allied Health Providers
Relationship Based Care
Visiting Pets Are Welcome

Our Simple 4-Step Admission Process

The transition to aged care can sometimes be a stressful time for families. We are here to help you every step of the way. Below is our simple 4-step process to being welcomed into the CraigCare family. If you have any questions about admissions into a CraigCare home, please contact our friendly Admissions team by calling 0468 718 856 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

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Speak To A Palliative Care Expert

We’re here to help and support you in any way we can. If you want to speak to a Palliative Care expert, please contact our friendly Admissions team by calling 0468 718 856 or click here to submit an online enquiry.

What Others Say About CraigCare's Palliative Care

“They look after the residents as if they were their own family.”
“It takes a special person to work in aged care. CraigCare staff are professional, trained and kind and their goal was to make Mum feel like she was at home for the time she was at CraigCare.”
Our resident is in a happy mood along with her grandchild.

Other Care Offered

CraigCare offers several types of care and support to a variety of residents, all with different needs and desires. We welcome those with low to high care needs and everything in between. Below are the other primary types of care we offer at CraigCare:

Permanent Care

Exceptional care and wellbeing support, a range of accommodation options, vibrant social and lifestyle programs, dedicated carers and relationship based care.

Respite Care

Short-term care that gives peace of mind and welcome support when caring for a loved one at home.

Dementia Care

Care and wellbeing services tailored for those with memory loss, delivered by a multidisciplinary team who are specialists in dementia care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Palliative care is specialised medical care for people living with a serious illness. 

It focuses on providing relief from the symptoms and stress of a serious illness. CraigCare’s specialist palliative care team works with you and your family members or carers to prevent or ease suffering and improve quality of life, and help make difficult health care decisions.


All of CraigCare homes have specialist palliative care teams.

At CraigCare, our palliative care teams include specialist nurses and doctors, social workers, religious or spiritual leaders, therapists, nutritionists and other professionals. 

The team really depends upon your needs and level of care.

Not necessarily. 

Although it can include end of life care, palliative care is much broader and can last for longer. 

Having palliative care does not necessarily mean you are likely to pass away soon. 

Some people use palliative care services for years. 

Palliative care is designed to relieve symptoms such as pain or breathing difficulties, (among other things) and relieve stress for both the resident and their families. 

Palliative care can be used at any time after diagnosis of a serious illness.

This really depends upon the individual. 


Some people may use palliative care from time to time or they may use it regularly for a few weeks or months. 


Some people receive palliative care for several years.

Medicare will normally cover your palliative care costs. 

Private health insurance may also cover some costs. 

Some things that might cost extra include paying the fee of a private health professional such as a psychologist or paying for complementary therapies such as acupuncture or chiropractic services.

Make An Enquiry

If you have any questions about CraigCare, our friendly Admissions team will be happy to help. Please contact them by calling 0468 718 856 or by completing the form below to send an online message.