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A Poem for CraigCare Berwick

This poem is for every one of you involved in my Mum’s care at CraigCare Berwick


Dementia is the reason we came to CraigCare. We didn’t really know what to expect there.

So many lovely staff came to guide us through, as they knew much more than me or you.


They held my hand through this rocky road,

They said “Don’t see it as a load.”

But how do you handle this dreaded disease

Because at the start it was not with ease.


Trying to understand with compassion and care,

It took a while, but we both got there.

It’s people around you who come to your aide,

Especially the staff, so many friends we made.


With kindness and care we’ve made it to here,

But the Lord is calling, her time is near.

It’s so very hard to say farewell,

I know she’s ready to hear that bell

That takes you to that special rest,

And we wish all the staff the very best.

A Poem for CraigCare Berwick

Thank you so very much,


Daughter of Catherine Robinson (12.07.1922 – 09.11.2018)