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The Queens says “Thanks CraigCare”

In a usual day-to-day social catch-up with our residents, we happened to be chatting to Heather, one of our CraigCare community residents, about Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding. Heather mentioned in random passing that she spent part of her youth horse riding with the Queen.

The Queens says “Thanks CraigCare”Blown away by this, we felt the absolute need to contact Buckingham Palace on behalf of Heather. We wanted to make sure Heather was reminded of all the fantastic memories from your youthful days.

Not long after we made contact with Buckingham Palace, we received a letter in the mail from Buckingham Palace addressed to Heather and it reads as follows:

“Her Majesty was interested to hear about Miss Heather and the happy memories she has of The Queen and her family, and greatly appreciated the kind message sent by the residents of CraigCare Nursing Home.

The Queen sends her good wishes to Heather and those at CraigCare, and thank you again for your thoughtfulness in writing as you did at this time.”

God bless the Queen!