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Our fully-accredited aged care communities go beyond the regulated industry standards with our own stringent codes of conduct. We only employ the most highly-qualified medical and care staff who are available 24/7.

CraigCare’s residential aged care services give you the peace of mind that you are receiving the right type of care and support and that your care will be adjusted as your needs change.

Families regularly make comment on how their loved one’s health and wellbeing has improved since moving into our care communities. We put this down to the clinical care we provide, the delicious and nutritious food on offer throughout the whole day, and the focus on connecting residents with their families, friends and the local community.

If you would like a copy of this month’s lifestyle activities please email enquiries@craigcare.com.au and we will send you a copy.


“When Dad first entered CraigCare, he was very ill. But looking at him today, his health has just improved so much and when Mum moved in she looked gaunt but now she’s put on weight and she looks healthy.

The first day we walked into CraigCare it was fantastic. It had a warm and homely feel. It felt like a busy hub with lots of social activity happening which we didn’t see at other aged care providers we were also looking at. And the staff were fantastic at making such a difficult process go so smoothly. I’ve never seen a place like this.

Mum and Dad have thanked me that many times for moving them into CraigCare Pascoe Vale that it’s very humbling. I love my parents a lot and I would do anything for them.”

– Bob, son of Elaine and Bernie (CraigCare Pascoe Vale)


“If you are thinking about residential aged care you may not want to come in and leave your home but I tell you that you can live here comfortably. You just have to come and see how good it is! And look at me. Look how good my health is compared to when I first came to CraigCare. At 89 years I am now a young man at this age and they have kept me going. And my wife is glad she could come in with me so we can spend the rest of our time together. CraigCare feels like home to us.”

– Bernie, father of Bob (CraigCare Pascoe Vale)