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Recharge and refresh

Short term accommodation available now

Respite care offers families peace of mind and welcome support when caring for a loved one at home. It can allow a caregiver and their family to recharge the batteries and have a break from normal, everyday routine.

Respite care is often needed when a loved one is recovering from an illness, a fall, are in poor health or if they have been in hospital. Undertaking respite care within a CraigCare aged care home can ensure maximum comfort, care and support for a loved one. In turn, respite care offers a unique opportunity for a carer to unwind, relax and refresh themselves; ultimately, respite care creates sustainable long-term care for those in need.

Our guests enjoy lots of choice about how they are cared for and supported in respite care, just like they would in their own home. Medication is given in the privacy of their room and the care team enable each resident to remain as independent as possible. A respite care stay with CraigCare is similar to taking a holiday – you spend time in a different place, meet new people, build friendships, try different foods and do different activities.

Our respite guests enjoy all the benefits of living in a CraigCare aged care community:

  • Our rooms are fully furnished and well-appointed
  • High quality food and dining service – all meals provided throughout the day, including morning and afternoon tea
  • Personal, specialist care and support throughout the day and night
  • Hair and massage services available on-site
  • Housekeeping
  • High security
  • Quality medical team catering to all levels of disability
  • Frequent and varied activities and events
  • A vibrant community

If you are based in Perth or Melbourne, CraigCare may be able to provide return transport from your home to one of our care communities, so you can enjoy your respite stay from the very start.

Our care is available in Perth and Melbourne, for both advanced bookings and last-minute stays.


“Aside from the excellent care, they have great entertainment that keeps us involved and entertained. There’s virtually something on all the time. The problem is actually having a day off because there’s so much on.”
– Elaine and Bernie (Craigcare Pascoe Vale)

“The thing about this place is the staff. They have a genuine vocation of caring. I see the way they look at Mum. They are highly competent and have my greatest respect and gratitude. They sincerely care and are very dedicated.”
– Felicity, daughter of Margaret (CraigCare Mornington)

“The staff are so nice and cheery with Mum. They are always seeing if there’s anything she needs, always offering her a cuppa and encouraging her to participate in the events they host. They make her feel comfortable and deliver great care. They fuss on her and she feels loved, she feels a bit special. The staff show a genuine warmth towards Mum and she feels it.”
– Peter, son of Ella (CraigCare Berwick)

“The CraigCare homes provide a pleasant environment to their residents with great facilities and a lot of social activities.”
– Ilona Honnen, Aged Care Medical Services (Operations Manager)