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Our aged care services have been developed to ensure you keep your freedom, choice, independence and peace of mind.

Food and dining

Food made with love. Our local chefs create exciting seasonal menus. We incorporate Maggie Beer’s Brain Foods recipes with our home-style recipes. A combination of nutrition, presentation, home cooking, taste and variety means you and your taste buds are well catered for. We are also happy to accommodate individualised meal plans for any residents with specific dietary requirements. Wine and beer is served with our meals. All of our facilities also accommodate the option of in-room dining.

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In addition to our regular food service, you can also enjoy happy hours, pre-dinner drinks, cocktail hours, BBQ nights and a range of other special events. We encourage friends and family to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions in our dining rooms.

We cater for family functions. We can also arrange a picnic basket for you and your family or friends to enjoy while you catch up in the gardens.

Specialist services

Our quality medical team includes local visiting GPs, physiotherapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and podiatrists. It also includes visiting dentists, optometrists and audiologists.

Beyond this, we offer extra services tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We’d love to talk you through these.

Hair and beauty

We have onsite hairdressing services. Free basic manicures are also available through our Lifestyle Staff. Access to our beauty services means you can keep the confidence and happiness that comes from looking and feeling your best.

24 hour care

With 24 hour on-site RN nursing care, we continue to care for you even as your needs change.

Media access

You have access to daily newspapers in our lounge areas. Internet services are also available to you, with our helpful staff always on hand to assist with any Skype calls or other issues.

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CraigCare is always looking at new ways to keep our residents connected to the broader community. Our new technology platform is currently available at a selection of our facilities. This new technology platform gives you access to free to air TV and radio but also incorporates on-demand movies and TV through its own features, similar to that of Netflix. Other features of the new technology platform are the connectivity apps. One family based app allows content to be delivered directly to your room from your family’s phones, a great way of getting those holiday snaps in an instant. A broader community app allows internal content to be shared, so you are always up to date on the events and activities of your new community in CraigCare.

Spiritual support

At CraigCare we also want to ensure that we incorporate our residents’ spiritual needs into their daily life. We have members of clergy who will attend our facility for church services with communion being offered in all of our communities.

Housekeeping and onsite laundry

Our housekeeping service includes laundry and putting away. As an additional service, we can also arrange dry-cleaning pickup and delivery.

Signature services
Signature services

CraigCare offers a range of enhanced daily living and social experiences for all to enjoy. This includes accommodation, food and dining, in-room technology and other lifestyle services designed to provide residents with greater choice and freedom. It almost feels like you are accessing premium hotel-like services. These services and fees will vary from home to home.



CraigCare offers a tailored lifestyle program to give residents plenty of opportunities to be socially active.



Our care communities are designed to deliver a home-like family friendly environment.



CraigCare keeps you socially connected with your local community.