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Trip Down Memory Lane For Our Plumpton Villa Glenroy Residents

Trip Down Memory Lane is an innovative and engaging new concept enabling residents in aged care to remain active, happy and connected with the outside world at a time when these opportunities are limited.

Trip Down Memory Lane provides a virtual reality streetscape video linked to a simple peddling device. Residents’ ‘pedal’ through streetscapes that are special to them, such as Melbourne, London and Paris. The experience reduces feelings of isolation, whilst providing the light physical activity and cognitive stimulation required in older age.

The evidence-based program was developed in partnership with Dementia Australia.

“Research shows that the combination of light physical exercise combined with cognitive stimulation can create an improvement in the level of cognitive impairment” Andrew Smith, CEO Trip Down Memory Lane.

Residents love the feeling of connection and having a safe way to get more physical exercise:

“It’s exciting to be so close to people. I felt like I could have reached out and touched them”

“You are seeing the various sites you saw in what was a very happy time”

“I grew up in Paris and forgot so many things – it’s just wonderful to remember them!”

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