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What is Residential Aged Care?

Residential aged care

Residential aged care is a blend of accommodation, clinical care and other support services that are provided for older people in approved, certified facilities.

Aged care facilities (also known as nursing homes) can accommodate full-time residents (permanent) or part-time residents (respite), depending on the resident’s circumstances and needs.
More than just a place to stay, we believe that aged care communities must be designed to deliver a warm, comfortable and friendly environment where residents remain engaged and connected with their family, friends and the local community, just as they’ve always been. This integration and engagement help to maintain mental alertness and physical and mental wellbeing. At CraigCare, we tailor our aged care services in Melbourne and Western Australia to meet individual needs, because each resident is a unique individual with their own values, attitudes, lifestyle and dietary requirements.

lifestyle programsKeeping residents active

CraigCare carefully develop lifestyle programs to give our residents plenty of opportunities to be socially active with old and new friends, family and the local community.

Your loved one will enjoy scenic day trips on the residents’ bus, stimulating guest speakers, contributing to their community through fundraising for local charities, creative arts and hobbies, a range of gentle sports, or just having a coffee with the staff.

We take the time to understand what each resident is passionate about and provide an opportunity for each resident to participate in their special interests and embrace their uniqueness.

At CraigCare, we are true to our values. These are not just words. Our lifestyle program comprises five components to ensure we deliver on our values of respect, kindness, individuality, joy, and relationships and communities. Discover more about our resident’s lifestyle.

Keeping the love of food alive

Our local chefs create exciting seasonal menus.  A combination of nutrition, presentation, home cooking, taste and variety means you and your taste buds are well catered for. We are also happy to accommodate individualised meal plans for any residents with specific dietary requirements.

In addition to our regular meals, at CraigCare our aim is to promote a sense of community feel through food & beverages. This includes pre-dinner drinks, cocktail & happy hours, BBQ night and many other special events for you to enjoy.

We cater for family functions. We can also arrange a picnic basket for you and your family or friends to enjoy while you catch up in the gardens. Discover more about our food & dining.

What other aged care services does CraigCare provide?

To support and embrace the different stages of ageing of our residents, CraigCare offers the below in addition to full time aged care:

  • Respite care: part time or casual residential aged care, which gives you and your family peace of mind and welcome support when caring for your loved one at home. It can give hardworking caregivers some respite to recharge the batteries or just enjoy a break from normal everyday routine. More about respite care.
  • Permanent care: With 24 hour on-site RN nursing care, we continue to care for you even as your needs change. Many residents’ health and wellbeing improves at CraigCare. We believe this comes from the clinical care we provide, the delicious and nutritious food on offer, and the focus on socially connecting residents with their families, friends and the local community through our extensive lifestyle program that caters to both group and individual needs. More about residential aged care.
    Dementia care: CraigCare’s I AM ME dementia program incorporates evidence-based practice from Montessori and Dementia Australia to minimise the negative impacts of dementia. More about dementia care.
    Palliative care (also known as end of life care or hospice care) provides support, care and love for a person whose illness means that they are unlikely to recover. CraigCare aims to improve the quality of life to ensure a comfortable stay during this period. More about palliative care.

How much does aged care cost?

Aged care fees and charges are broken down into different areas.

  1. Basic Daily Care Fee

This covers costs for day-to-day living expenses such as meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. When you enter an aged care facility the Department of Human Services will confirm your basic daily fee. This fee is in addition to your means-tested care fee (below), accommodation costs and fees for extra and additional services.

  1. Means Tested Care Fee
    Depending on financial circumstances you may need to pay a means-tested care fee. This fee varies according to your assessed income and assets. The means-tested fee is a contribution towards your day‑to‑day care costs in an aged care home.
  2. Accommodation Payments
    The government will pay (or part-pay) accommodation costs for some residents, while others will need to pay the price agreed with the provider. You can choose to pay your accommodation costs by:
    – A lump-sum style payment known as the Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) or
    – A rental-type payment called a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP); or
    – A combination of both

Additional services fee varies based on the facility and services provided.

For more information visit the Fees and Charges page on our website or contact us to explain further (it can seem complex when first considering).

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What are
your next steps?
If you are interested in introducing your loved one into the CraigCare family, please check out the five simple steps to make the transition to residential aged care as smooth as possible. Our team at CraigCare are always on hand to help you at every stage of the process.

The process often starts with the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) meeting you to discuss the types of care that will be most appropriate for your loved one. An ACAT assessment is required for someone who needs approval for Government-funded aged care services,

Then you will meet with our team at our care communities, where you will be given a tour of our facilities – a great opportunity to meet some of the other residents and hear first hand what life is like in CraigCare communities.

Next is the completion of the necessary paperwork and of course our team will be on hand to guide you through this. Next, your loved one will select their room and add their personal touches. We will help you make it into a home.

Choosing aged care nearby

Families often choose aged care facilities that are close to where friends and families are living to make visits to loved ones more accessible. We believe this is important as it helps to ensure frequency of contact is maintained.

CraigCare offers five aged care facilities in Melbourne; Berwick, Moonee Ponds, Mornington, Pascoe Vale and Plumpton Villa Glenroy.

In Western Australia, there are three CraigCare locations; Ascot Waters, Maylands (Perth) and Albany